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 Thank you for your help!


We believe that a unified church in Waxahachie tells a far more compelling story than a fragmented collection of churches that have no overlapping mission. And that’s why we want to invite our local gospel partners to join us as we raise awareness and financial support for Common Ground Ministries.

Whether you’re the pastor of one of our local churches, a Sunday School teacher, a small group leader, or just someone who loves Jesus, we want you serving along side us.


Here is what you can do

You may participate by signing up for a free booth space to represent your church and provide one of the following attractions to our community.  (You may choose one or multiple attractions.)  Your church will be responsible for providing own canopy/tent/table/supplies/prizes/etc., and manning/providing volunteers to run your own space.  Each booth will require a certain number of tickets for its activity or item.  Tickets will be purchased at a ticket booth as part of the fundraiser.  Please let us know how you will participate by Friday, October 5th.

These spaces will be your own creative ideas.  We just ask that they be done well.  Here are some examples:


  • Hotdog, burgers and Chips

  • BBQ

  • Popcorn and Cotton Candy

  • Other Sweets Option

  • Drinks

Carnival Games

  • Plinko

  • Football Toss

  • Ring Toss

  • Cornhole

  • Fishing for prizes.

  • Digging for Treasure or Dinosaur Dig



We will need volunteers to man some of the booths not designated by church groups, such as:

  • Man Silent Auction, raffle, and food tables

  • Security Detail - Keeping an eye on equipment and helping keep order.

  • Ticket Booth

  • Booth Space Assistant (helping people in booth spaces by providing water bottles, relieving volunteers when they need to take a short break and other needs).

  • Donation Box (Keep an eye on the donation box and ring the bell anytime a donation is made)

  • General Help (set-up crew, clean-up crew

***Participants must be there at least 30 minutes early to have enough time to set up their booth space(s) before 6:00 p.m.***

Here is what you can give 

Silent Auction Donation

You may provide a new unused item or service $40 or over.  Here are some examples:  

  • Box seats or season ticket seats for a single professional sports event.

  • Deer Lease

  • Vacation Rental (lake, mountain, or ski cabins, or a bed & breakfast).

  • Salon service (hair, nails, spa, etc.)

  • Electronics (TV’s, computers, phones, etc.)

  • Gift Certificates (restaurants, movie passes, department store)

  • Gift baskets

  • Popular Toy

  • Artwork

Direct Donations

We will also be receiving donations on behalf of Common Ground Ministries.

***All donations are tax-deductible.***