Jesus hasn't just called his church to go and announce the good news of the forgiveness of sin and the arrival of his Kingdom to people who are far from God. He's also called us to go into the broken places in our cities and live our lives like we actually believe all that stuff he said about redemption and his Kingdom of Heaven are true. We've been called to proclaim Jesus and his Kingdom, yes! But we've also been called to feed the hungry, heal the sick, clothe the naked, free the slave, and fight injustice like we really believe that stuff can no longer be tolerated with the arrival of our King Jesus and his Kingdom.


That's why I want to tell you about my friend Dermiyah. I met Dermiyah through her big brother Kendrick —who also happens to be my Little Brother.  As I've gotten to know Kendrick I've also gotten to know his family and their story. I'd like you to hear their story too. And perhaps together, we can partner with one another as Jesus' family to make their situation look #morelikeheaven on earth and less like hell. 

What you can do

We need skilled laborers with tools to do minor home repair (Construction materials supplied. We'll have a kitted job list). We need servants ready to clean (BYOCS - Bring Your Own Cleaning Supplies). We need some folks to help entertain children while work is in progress. And we need some cooks with grills ready to feed the troops (Food will be provided).

To volunteer or give please find the RSVP and DONATE buttons at the bottom of the page.

when you can do it

Saturday, April 7th 7:00AM—Until Complete

Construction Crew — 7:00AM - 12:00PM

Lunch — Noon

Cleaning Crew — 12:30PM - 2:00PM

Interior Decorating Crew —  2:00PM - Until Complete

Landscaping Crew and Childcare — Flexible


807 MLK Jr. Blvd. Waxahachie, TX, 75165


what you can give

Items that have been donated or purchased will be indicate as RECEIVED. Dollar amounts (in green) are the approximate cost of new items that we are requesting. Used items that are functional and not worn out will be accepted as well.

• Home repair costs — $1000 goal — RECEIVED

• Interior Decorating costs — $250 goal — RECEIVED

• 6 twin mattress — RECEIVED

• 3 bunk beds — RECEIVED

• 1 twin bed — RECEIVED

• 1 queen sized bed — RECEIVED

• 2 clothes dressers — RECEIVED

• Refrigerator — RECEIVED

• Vacuum Cleaner — RECEIVED

• Dishwasher — $160

• Bathroom Vanity — RECEIVED

• 3 Flush mount Light Fixture — RECEIVED

• Toy boxes and toys for kids — $40

• Pots and pans — RECEIVED

• Silverware Set — RECEIVED

• Plastic Dinnerware — RECEIVED

• Standalone Pantry — RECEIVED

• Kitchen Trash Can — RECEIVED

• Large Outdoor Garbage Can — $50

• Clothes, shoes, sleepwear — Still in need of clothing donations!

     ◦ Kendria — 16 juniors — xl top — 7 women shoe

     ◦ Kendrick — 14 boys pants — large top — 8 shoe

     ◦ Dequavious — 8 boys pants — medium top — 4 shoe

     ◦ Keyidre — 8 boys pants — medium top — 4 shoe

     ◦ Derrian — 6 boys pants — small boy top — 1 shoe

     ◦ Dermiyah — 5 girls — small top — 13 shoe

     ◦ Kenijah — 5t girl — 9 toddler shoe

     ◦ Subrita — 4t girl — 7 toddler shoe

     ◦ Serenity — 2t girls — 5 toddler shoe 




Work Schedule and Job List.

Ask a question.

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