Soma Waxahachie Beliefs

We All Have Beliefs

Beliefs shape the way we view the world and live in it. They are more than a statement to agree with or a label to assign.

At Soma Waxahachie, we believe Jesus is good news for our city. His grace gives room to belong as you explore what it means to follow Him together.

Core Beliefs

We are committed to The Lausanne Covenant Statement of Faith.

Core Emphases

Soma Waxahachie holds to six core theological emphases:

  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ is central for our motivation and practice.
  • God acts sovereignly in saving sinners.
  • The continuing presence of the Holy Spirit equips and empowers his people.
  • Jesus is King and his kingdom is come.
  • All believers are sent on Jesus’ mission to make disciples.
  • God created men and women as equal and complementary image bearers of God.

Identity and Rhythms

Our beliefs don't just inform how we think. They tell us who we are and how we should live. Beliefs write a story for our lives. And the story that Jesus is writing for us gives us a new identity and new way of being human.